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What are the Migraine Headache Symptoms

Migraine is a type of headache that lasts for hours or days. There are migraines that are accompanied by auras such as seeing streaks of light or temporary blindness. These are considered as a warning that a migraine may occur. When you are suffering from migraine, you will tend to become overly sensitive to light.  You will also opt to stay in a quiet place since migraine can cause you to be annoyed by both soft and loud sound.

You have to be aware about the migraine headache symptoms. Aside from light and sound sensitivity, you will feel pain on either one side or both sides of your head. This is typically described as pulsating pain. The pain that is associated with migraine can be aggravated when you move. With this condition, your activities of daily living may be affected.

Migraine headache symptoms usually last for about four hours. This may extend up to 72 hours. The symptoms may happen for a couple of times in a month. With some people, migraine may be less frequent. You can take note the number of times that you experienced migraine in a month.

You should take note that migraine headache symptoms can be experienced with or without a warning. This is the basis of the two types of migraines. A classic migraine presents its symptoms after an aura. On the other hand, a common migraine is experienced without a warning.

Aside from an aura, there are symptoms that you can feel hours or a day before you experience a migraine. These are called as a feeling of prodrome. You may feel that you have an intense energy before you have your migraine. You can also feel either extremely elated or irritable. There are people that feel unexplainable thirst or unusual cravings. You have to remember that you may or may not feel these symptoms.

Some migraine episodes go away without being treated. However, you still have to keep track of the symptoms that you felt. You should also take note of the things that you did that may have helped in relieving you from the symptoms. The length of your migraine attack should also be listed. These are important points that you have to discuss with your doctor during your consultation.

There are also other symptoms that you may misconceive as those of a migraine attack. If you feel a sudden headache that is really painful, you should rush to the nearest hospital. This may be related to other serious medical conditions. A headache that is accompanied by fever or mental confusion is another medical emergency. A migraine-related headache does not present with seizures, stiff neck or rashes. If you experience headache with the mentioned symptoms, you should consult a doctor at once. Aside from these, if you had a head injury and suddenly experienced headache, you should not mistake this as a migraine. Migraine is aggravated by movements but if your headache is worsened by coughing, this is a different case.


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Everything You Have to Know about Migraine Pregnancy

Pregnancy can cause you different discomforts. You may tend to feel uneasy with the additional weight that you are bearing in your abdomen. Some also experience migraine pregnancy. There are people who already suffer from migraines even before they became pregnant which tends to improve or worsen during the course of pregnancy.

A migraine is a severe headache which may be caused by the dilation of your blood vessels. It may also be due to stress or changes in your hormonal levels. Doctors and scientists believe that during pregnancy, your estrogen level drops. This causes your serotonin level to fall as well. This substance plays a role in the regulation of pain. Low levels of serotonin will cause you to feel pain, thus headache. Migraine starts with a dull aching on a side of your head and this eventually becomes worse. This is accompanied by nausea and vomiting. There are also those who experience an aura before the occurrence of headache. An aura can be a vision of flashes of light or tingling sensation on your fingers. These serve as a warning for a subsequent headache.

Migraine pregnancy is not something that you should be afraid about. It does not pose any harm to your condition or your baby’s development. However, if the attacks become frequent and/or worse, it is best that you consult your doctor. Migraine that is accompanied with a blurring of vision or temporary blindness should not be disregarded. These may be symptoms of other medical conditions such as pre-eclampsia.

In order for you to prevent migraine pregnancy, it is best that you reduce your consumption of aged cheese and other processed foods. You should also stay away from eating too much chocolate and drinking beverages with caffeine. These food products can trigger your migraine. You should also practice relaxation measures such as exercise. You just need to make sure that the exercises that you will perform are suitable for pregnant women. Yoga can be a good option as a form of relaxation and exercise. You should also have an adequate rest. You can ask your partner to massage you once in awhile. Remember that stress can cause you to experience a migraine.

If you are diagnosed with migraine while you are pregnant, your doctor may prescribe you to take Tylenol. However, there are doctors that prefer not to give you any medications. You should be aware that you can not take aspirin and ibuprofen while you are pregnant. These drugs may cause birth defects to your baby. Instead, you can stay in a dark and quiet room for you to be able to relax and rest. There are also women who are relieved by placing cold compress on their head in order to relieve their headache. You may also consider taking a cold shower. You can listen to soft and calming music while lying down.

Being Aware About the Different Types of Migraines

Migraine is a headache that can occur for at least four hours and extend up to 72 hours. Although there are different types of migraines, there are two general kinds of migraine namely classic and common. A classic migraine is usually experienced after an aura. Aura is considered as a warning that is usually presented as a vision of flashes or streaks of light. You may also feel a tingling sensation in your fingers as a part of your aura. The warning symptoms typically last for a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of half an hour. On the other hand, common migraine does not present with an aura. Pain and feeling nauseated are experienced by people diagnosed with either common or classic migraine.

Aside from the classic and common migraine, there are other types of migraines. Migraine that is related to having your menstruation is called menstrual migraine. If the headache is felt after intense activities such as running, coughing or lifting, it is referred to as benign exertional migraine. There are also people who experience severe and chronic headache that cause them to be hospitalized and have notable changes in their behavior. This type of migraine is called status migrainosus. This is a rare condition that may last for more than 72 hours. Status migrainosus is said to be caused by consumption of certain drugs.

Other types of migraines are hemiplegic and ophthalmoplegic. With the first type of migraine, a side of your body is paralyzed temporarily. This can also be accompanied by vertigo and temporary blindness. The mentioned symptoms appear with headache. On the other hand, ophthalmoplegic migraine is a headache that presents with pain around your eye. This may cause you to experience double vision. You will also feel as if your eyelids are drooping.

There are people who experience vertigo as well as changes in the coordination of muscles. These symptoms are followed by the occurrence of headache. This is called as basilar artery migraine. Your basilar artery which is located the base of your brain is affected. This type of migraine is usually felt by people undergoing puberty as well as women who are currently having their menstrual period.

There is also a type of migraine that is not characterized by headache. This is called as headache-free migraine. A person who is diagnosed with this kind of migraine experience vomiting or feel nauseated. You may also have either diarrhea or constipation. Doctors claim that headache-free migraine is caused by unexplainable pain in a specific part of your body. Fever can also trigger this condition.

There are migraines that are rarely experienced such as exertion and medication-related migraine. Food and alcohol-related migraine are also an unusual condition. These rare types of migraine are curable. It is best that you take note of the food that you ate or activities that you are engaged in that may have triggered you to experience a migraine attack. You should relay these to your doctor so that he would be able to diagnose your condition properly.      

Migraine Head Aches — The Misjudged Illness

Migraine is a neurological, and oftentimes hereditary disease and is typically characterized by severe, recurring head ache, often located on one side of the head and one or more of the following associated signs: nausea; vomiting; and elevated sensitivity to light, sound and smell. Because of these related signs is migraine greater than a severe headache. The symptoms of this disorder can last as long as seventy two hours

Migraine headache is most typical between the ages of 25 and fifty five and is three times more frequent in women than in men. Women may discover that they experience a migraine just before, or just after, the beginning of their period. Some women discover that oral contraception (the pill) can set off migraines.

Some individuals can predict the onset of a migraine because it’s preceded by an “aura,” visual disturbances that appear as flashing lights, zig-zag lines or difficulty with focusing, and seeing things as if you are looking in a damaged mirror. Sometimes a temporary loss of vision would possibly occur. This stage usually lasts round a quarter of an hour to an hour.

Symptoms might include hyperventilation (speedy, deep breathing), tiredness, loss of appetite, irregular heartbeat or modifications in the level of alertness. Call your doctor instantly for those who get these symptoms..

Migraine is a situation that’s typically misjudged. It was for a very long time handled as an sickness of hysterical women, who suffered migraine attacks as a result of stress. But migraine has nothing to do with stress. Migraine is remarkably a typical condition. It is current in four-6 % amongst men and thirteen-18 percent amongst women.

Migraine is a complex headache, and is not fully understood. Treating it requires drugs that comprise both analgesic and anti inflammatory properties that stop the mind from manufacturing extra ache-creating hormones such as prostaglandins.

Remedy is unlikely to affect the neurologic manifestations. Anti-inflammatory medications (such as aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) which can be bought over-the-counter might reduce the severity of an acute attack. The required remedy completely relies upon the severity of the pain you experience. Sometimes a simple pain killer or injection may provide you relief.

Preventative medicines are wonderful once they work. Think about with the ability to cease that blinding ache before it even starts. Prevention of the build up of glutamate at the synapse could present a promising target for novel therapeutics to ease the burden of the disease.


Best Migraine Treatment

Looking For the Best Migraine Treatment? Read This and Learn.

The pulsating, throbbing pain you feel on one side of your skull is not headache; it is migraine. Migraine can only affect one side of your head, and can be felt on the left side or on the right side. This condition has various types; there is abdominal migraine, which is commonly found in children; menstrual migraine, the head-throbbing ache women feel after menstruation; and worst of them all, status migraine which requires medical intervention because it lasts for more than 48 hours. To stop this condition from recurring, you should seek for the best migraine treatment available from all over the country even if it takes plenty of your time.

You may think that the best treatment for migraine is prevention, but sadly, this condition cannot be avoided. Migraine happens once your body has experienced something beyond the usual. If you are exposed to an environment you are not used to, your central nervous system will have to cope with the changes. If it didn’t cope successfully, migraine could happen.

Medications like beta-blockers, anticonvulsants and tri-cyclic antidepressants can treat migraine. However, it is not the best solution for your problem because they can cause numerous side effects that can affect some of the innocent parts of your body. Nobody wants this to happen, right? So, the best migraine treatment comes in an eBook. Yes, an eBook where you can read all the necessary information you need to know about migraines.

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