Everything You Have to Know about Migraine Pregnancy

Pregnancy can cause you different discomforts. You may tend to feel uneasy with the additional weight that you are bearing in your abdomen. Some also experience migraine pregnancy. There are people who already suffer from migraines even before they became pregnant which tends to improve or worsen during the course of pregnancy.

A migraine is a severe headache which may be caused by the dilation of your blood vessels. It may also be due to stress or changes in your hormonal levels. Doctors and scientists believe that during pregnancy, your estrogen level drops. This causes your serotonin level to fall as well. This substance plays a role in the regulation of pain. Low levels of serotonin will cause you to feel pain, thus headache. Migraine starts with a dull aching on a side of your head and this eventually becomes worse. This is accompanied by nausea and vomiting. There are also those who experience an aura before the occurrence of headache. An aura can be a vision of flashes of light or tingling sensation on your fingers. These serve as a warning for a subsequent headache.

Migraine pregnancy is not something that you should be afraid about. It does not pose any harm to your condition or your baby’s development. However, if the attacks become frequent and/or worse, it is best that you consult your doctor. Migraine that is accompanied with a blurring of vision or temporary blindness should not be disregarded. These may be symptoms of other medical conditions such as pre-eclampsia.

In order for you to prevent migraine pregnancy, it is best that you reduce your consumption of aged cheese and other processed foods. You should also stay away from eating too much chocolate and drinking beverages with caffeine. These food products can trigger your migraine. You should also practice relaxation measures such as exercise. You just need to make sure that the exercises that you will perform are suitable for pregnant women. Yoga can be a good option as a form of relaxation and exercise. You should also have an adequate rest. You can ask your partner to massage you once in awhile. Remember that stress can cause you to experience a migraine.

If you are diagnosed with migraine while you are pregnant, your doctor may prescribe you to take Tylenol. However, there are doctors that prefer not to give you any medications. You should be aware that you can not take aspirin and ibuprofen while you are pregnant. These drugs may cause birth defects to your baby. Instead, you can stay in a dark and quiet room for you to be able to relax and rest. There are also women who are relieved by placing cold compress on their head in order to relieve their headache. You may also consider taking a cold shower. You can listen to soft and calming music while lying down.